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First & foremost we want the best out of our clients. The simple reason behind that is we want to work and develop long lasting relationships that benefits both our business’s. We come from the school of the more value we can bring to your business the more our relationship can grow.

Without getting to “techy” marketing in 2019 is a science, that means you want to work with a professional who’s spent time in the lab. That’s where Breaking media comes in. 

Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Results


Primal Gym

"We noticed a big increase in response from the social media campaign"


Dynam-nic Dance

"Harry helped bring new local members to our classes"


Harry is great to work with, very professional and reliable. I'm more than happy with the results I've had from working with him.  


Owl Financial


I use Harry as my go to consultant for all my online marketing needs. He totally understands my vision and supports that with both technical know how and a keen entrepreneurial mindset.  




I came to Harry to enhance my online presence and marketing. There is nothing the man can’t do! Harry is helpful, friendly, and thorough. I would recommend highly to anybody looking for help with online marketing in any way! 10/10.  



Let The Customers  Find You

Using the power of search marketing such as SEO & PPC allows your customers to find your business. These people are highly interested in your product or service and are in need of your services. 

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