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E-commerce Growth Agency

At Breaking Media we specialise in helping brands breakthrough the noise & attract more sales online.

The eCommerce industry has experienced recent shifts since the pandemic, with an increasing amount of consumers purchasing online. 

This leaves an incredible opportunity for forward thinking brands who are looking to take advantage & ride the wave of this trend.

Social Media Marketing

The Rocket Fuel For Brands

Paid Social is what we specialise in at Breaking Media. With over 4 billion active users Facebook & Instagram hold an unparalleled amount of opportunity for growth. 

Paid advertising works so well for our clients because of the way we are able to take their customers through every stage of the customer journey. 

We are fanatic about testing & using the latest methods of the platform so that we can provide the best results for our clients.

Ecommerce Agency

Conversion Rate Experts

Unhappy with your brands eCommerce conversion rate?

Let us help you to uncover the bottlenecks of your website & utilise our proven framework for converting strangers into raving fans.

Our Client Results

Lawful London Doubles Revenue in 2 Month

"We reached X8 ROAS within only a few months of working with BM which is over +£25k consistent revenue per month which is more than we anticipated in such a short period of time and a lot higher than our industry average. 

Breaking Media is a pleasure to work with and takes a well rounded and collaborative approach with founders." Saher, Founder.


By month 4 of working with this brand we had scaled them to revenues of +150kpm in sales from around 50kpm.

We don't just work on Facebook & Instagram


Have Your Best Months Ever

What Others Are Saying About Our Results


Primal Gym

"We noticed a big increase in response from the social media campaign"


Dynam-nic Dance

"Harry helped bring new local members to our classes"

Harry is great to work with, very professional and reliable. I'm more than happy with the results I've had from working with him.  


Owl Financial

I use Harry as my go to consultant for all my online marketing needs. He totally understands my vision and supports that with both technical know how and a keen entrepreneurial mindset.  



I came to Harry to enhance my online presence and marketing. There is nothing the man can’t do! Harry is helpful, friendly, and thorough. I would recommend highly to anybody looking for help with online marketing in any way! 10/10.  




What To Expect On The Call?

On the call we will be looking to understand your business. For this to work its important to have at least a rough idea of your business numbers. Typical questions on the call will be around your brands average monthly traffic, revenue. Past advertising spend & results. 

Who Do We Help?

Our ideal clients are those that are earning at least +10Kpm online. You are currently advertising & are looking for help to acquire better results.

What Are The Benefits of Your Service?

The benefits of partnering with Breaking Media is working with a boutique consultancy that specialises in scaling accessories stores. You will gain valuable insights into whats working in the marketplace.

Will Your Service Work For Our Brand?

Chances are if you are generating online orders we will be able to help you.

Do You Work With Start Ups?

If you are a start up with no proof of product market fit then the chances are we would not partner with your brand. There are exceptions to this however it is important that we are partner with brands who are looking for amplification in the market.

Looking to Scale Your Brand? 

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