Case Study: How we Doubled Lawful London's 
Online Revenue in 2 months

Saher, Lawful London

"Before we worked with Breaking Media we had experienced good and largely consistent growth however the ROAS and therefore revenue wasn’t quite what we wanted. 

We had tried using simple digital marketing strategies which had worked to date but since working with Breaking Media has transformed our marketing strategy. 

They have focussed on targeting new audiences with more sophisticated ads and created well optimised re-targeting campaigns. 

We reached X8 ROAS within only a few months of working with BM which is over £20k consistent revenue per month which is more than we anticipated in such a short period of time and a lot higher than our industry average. 

Breaking Media is a pleasure to work with and takes a well rounded and collaborative approach with founders."

The Problem

Our client had successfully built their brand to an impressive level on their own through a mix of PR & paid media. 

However paid media was not their expertise and managing all the different departments of a business was becoming overwhelming. 

Our client understood that their digital marketing was only performing at around 50% of what it could be.

This was resulting  in business starting to plateau and producing inconsistent sales month on month.

Before working with us it was important for our client to work with a partner agency with experience & results in the space of accessories.

The Solution

Our solution was to use our knowledge of the field & implement a number of changes to her advertising strategy. 

We focused on testing & drilling down on what creatives her ideal customers engage with. 

We also wanted to uncover what features & benefits were important to their customers. 

Once we discovered the winning formula of creative + Ad copy we then began to scale the account.

One of the main breakthroughs we were able to achieve on our clients account was the ability to forecast what results of future spends would produce.

The Results

By month 2 of working with the Lawful London we had doubled their monthly online revenue. *This was performed during a non-peak season & without the use of sale.

We are now expanding the brand into emerging territories.

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