Case Study: How we Scaled Strathberry from 10kpm to +150kpm in Revenue with Paid Social

The Problem

Before working with this client they were generating around £10kpm from paid social activity. 

Our client had been driving sales predominantly from organic social & PR/influencers but knew that in order to scale their business they had to invest in more digital marketing.

The issue for our client was they were unclear on how to scale the brand and were not confident in how to interpret the website data.

The Solution

We started with cleaning up their Facebook ads account structure. 

We began to implement a customer journey funnel that would take qualified strangers who had never heard of the brand to complete fans.

Cold Traffic - (Prospecting)

When trying to attract new customers it's important to be brand or feature focused at the initial stages on paid social.

For our client this is where we demonstrated the USP's of the brand/products as well as what influential publications had to say about the brand. 

The creatives that were most effective at the top of funnel included;

Carousels of best selling products.
User Generated Content or Brand video going into the details & functionality of the product. (5-15 seconds in length)
Social proof Ad copy of what influential publications thought of the brand to increase credibility.

Middle of Funnel traffic

This is where a customer has now heard of the brand and either browsed the website or social platforms. 

At this stage of the journey we want to continue highlighting the USP's of the brand. 

Examples of this was using content around the practicality, quality & craftsmanship of the products.

At this stage we continued to use Ad formats such as carousels & video to tell the story all helping to increase the brands value & desire.

Bottom of Funnel traffic

The bottom of the funnel is where most users are ready to buy. They have viewed specific products & possibly added to cart. 

They have not converted yet because they are on the fence about the purchase. 

This is where we use a couple of social triggers to help them to convert.

Examples were; 10% off their first purchase or to use customer reviews highlighting the features of the product. 

The ad formats we use here are dynamic collection ads or dynamic carousel ads. 

These are adverts that show the user the products that they were browsing previously. 

The Results

By month 4 of working with Strathberry we had scaled them to revenues of of +150kpm in sales. 

Initially we started off with a conservative budget but as the return on advertising came in higher & higher every month we would increase spend. 

The increase in spend meant the brands reach started to broaden & opened opportunities to expand in more international markets.

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