How We helped An Offline businesses
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The Problem

Easter Greens is Scotland's only 100% vegan grocery store that supplies fresh fruit & veg from its Easter road store.

Demand for quality produce & vegan products has dramatically increased and the company saw an opportunity to increase sales beyond the traditional walk-in customer.

Easter Greens created a new home delivery service which they wanted more people in Edinburgh to know & sign up to.

The Solution

We proposed a Facebook ads campaign to attract new customers that would buy through their online shopify site.

We would target people within the delivery area using Facebook & Instagram advertising.

Each of the 5 Levels of our campaigns corresponds to an increasing degree of engagement with the company and its products:

Level 1 is cold traffic—people who have not yet heard about you.

Level 2 traffic includes people who have engaged with you on Facebook, but not yet visited your product page.

Level 3 traffic includes people who have viewed your product page, but not yet added a product to their cart.

Level 4 traffic includes people who have added a product to their cart, but not yet completed a purchase.

Level 5 traffic includes customers (people who have completed at least one purchase).

We tested multiple creatives & offers to see what resonated most with their ideal customers.


The Result

Since launching, the campaign has had a 10x return on online sales.

We generated a high volume of new repeat customers at a cost per order that worked very well for our client.

We not only created a high volume of new customers but increased the businesses awareness & social media engagement.

Our social media campaign will also help with Easter Greens plans for expanding to more locations as now more people are familiar with the brand.

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