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Social media marketing is the best way to get customers connected with your online store. The right e-commerce marketing strategy can help build your following and your revenue. With all the noise in the modern marketplace, it takes a tailored plan to help businesses achieve real relationships with their  clients and a successful return on investment.

At Breaking Media, we know how to get our clients’ messages out into the world to maximise their traffic & conversions. We have extensive experience with a wide array of e-commerce marketing strategies, meaning we can help you meet your goals.

Working with the best e-commerce marketing agency Edinburgh has to offer, we can help you achieve the growth you want to see for your online store.

Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Social media and marketing techniques may be challenging to learn, but they don’t have to be impossible.At Breaking Media, we provide digital marketing strategies that sustainably grow your business.

Each strategy we offer is specific to your needs, which we work with you to ensure your business growth is something manageable. 

Whether your goal is more traffic, conversion, better ROAS, repeat orders or high average order value. We have you covered. 

Facebook Ads For E-commerce

Facebook is one of our primary strategies and is more important for businesses than ever. By learning to harness the power of Facebook’s advertising program, you can easily connect your business to more than four billion active users on Facebook and Instagram. By engaging with audiences on Facebook using their audience targeting methods, you can engage customers repeatedly.

 Breaking Media has professionals who specialize in designing scalable campaigns and effective tools to grow your reach through the social media platform. Although Facebook changes its algorithm regularly, our experts stay updated on the latest approaches to maximise our clients’ results.

E-commerce Training

At Breaking Media, we know our services are only part of the solution. For businesses to stay profitable, they have to have dynamic social media plans that reflect their interests.

As a top e-commerce marketing agency in Edinburgh, we know how to impart the knowledge that businesses need to grow their brands and harness their online presence. Through our stewardship, clients learn to:

-Understand what each social platform can do for them (and whether they’re worth it)

-Establish their brand and voice in their web presence

-Set goals and audit performance on social media

-Monitor your community and competition

-Generate reports that inform and inspire your ongoing online strategy

When you work with Breaking Media, you learn to use these strategies to your fullest advantage in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

Technical Support

For e-commerce brands, social media is the lifeblood of their business. Social media can help build brand awareness, encourage word-of-mouth advertising, and bring public attention to their products. Breaking Media professionals understand that to have a successful e-commerce business, you need to utilize specific tools and procedures to design a customized plan for your online business.

By working with us, businesses can harness the power of advertising online and accelerate their results. Contact us to learn more about how we can help traffic conversions become leads (and customers).

data driven performance

The web is built on data, and Breaking Media is no exception. We are proud to offer a data-driven e-commerce marketing agency Edinburgh businesses can count on to deliver results and lead to profits.

Breaking Media experts know how to best wield your brand identity on social media platforms and stay current with the latest changes to ensure your business marketing plan remains competitive. We use cutting-edge industry tools to track how customers use your website, including analytics and SEO tracking, video monitoring, user testing, and more.

Throughout our process, we’ll work closely with you to design a strategy that achieves the growth you want for your business and helps generate opportunities for you to profit from your social media footprint.

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