My Exact System That Delivers High Value Clients Pre-Determined To Work With You, Every Single Month.

I encourage you to lock the door, put your phone on silent, kick off your shoes, make a wee tea, get comfortable and STUDY this post -- it IS that important!

I'm guessing that by you landing on this page means that you are a business owner that is interested to find out how I can help you to generate a bunch of new highly value qualified clients?

Before we begin I thought I should tell you a little bit more about me.

Im a passionate digital marketer who also runs the monthly Digital marketing meetup, where I speak on what's working now in digital marketing.

I'm most known in the marketing community for helping businesses get new clients with Facebook & SEO.

Why Facebook & SEO?

The main reason I focus on these areas is that Google & Facebook are the two leading platforms for getting results and growing a business in 2019.

I used to just offer just SEO but the only downside of that is SEO can take up to 3-6 months before you see any significant results.

As a business owner myself, I can understand the frustrations that this means which is where Facebook ads comes in.

With Facebook ads, we can generate new clients today, while the SEO works in the background. So in theory, the results from Facebook will pay for the SEO and more.

Its a win win!

If you are fully committed to growing your business and finally being ahead of your competition you really need to have a client generation system in place.

With my system in you no longer need to worry about when or where the next client will come from. Having new clients come to you will give you the freedom to do what you do best.

When you choose to become a client with me I have 3 area's of focus for helping to accelerate your business.

  1. To make your business the go-to for your products or service.
  2. To create direct access to clients so that you are no longer relying on other sources outside of your control.
  3. To build your referral base with all the new clients we produce.

In this post, I outline exactly how I help you become the go-to in your industry.


I offer different packages depending on your needs and this is assuming you go for the mid-level package. Depending on your needs you may only require certain parts of my services.

Step 1) Campaign set up

The campaign set up requires the most amount of time. This is where we need to make sure all of the elements are ready and in place before setting the campaign live.


For Facebook advertising campaigns to work you need to have a solid offer that will get a prospect to raise their hand and want to know more.

Don't have an offer yet?

I recommend you start by doing some research, start with a Google search of your "product/service" with "offers". This will give you some ideas to start with.

Landing Pages

We the start to build custom landing pages which are attached to your site so that we can generate calls and are are able to capture potential clients details.

These pages contain your business' branding, an about section of your business and some testimonials to build trust. On the landing pages we have an opt-in form as a way for the prospect to redeem the offer, which is usually in the form of an email & phone number.

Facebook Ads

Once we have access to your Facebook account we first start by creating a pixel on your website. The pixel is placed so that we can re-target anyone who has visited your site but might not have taken action.

We then start to build out the audiences of potential clients that we want to attract such as people who live within 5 miles of your business & people who look like your current list of clients.


In the setup phase, we make sure to have a funnel of automated emails that will be sent to the prospects that opt-in, firstly to remind them to call, buy or book an appointment with you but also educating them on why they should choose to work with you. This helps to build trust & highlights your authority in your area of expertise.

Audit & Keyword Research

We start to look at where you currently are from a Search Engine  Optimisation perspective and how far you have to go from a ranking standpoint.  At this stage we look at a number of factors such as

  • Competitor backlink profiles
  • Content Gaps
  • Keyword targets & positions
  • Website Technical Issues

Step 2) Campaign Management

Now that we have everything in place its time to set the campaign live!

Facebook Campaign

Depending on the client we use 3 different campaigns for Facebook advertising; Traffic ads, Lead ad's & Messenger ad's.

Traffic Ad's

Traffic ads are most effective if you sell multiple products such as ecommerce or if you need to educate the client more on your product/service.

Lead Ad's

Lead ads work very well for capturing a prospects details because it means they do not have to leave Facebook and fill out a capture form within the platform.

Example Lead Ad


Messanger Ad's

Similar to lead ads we use them to quickly start the conversation between you and the prospective client. We can also automate this process so that you are not having to go back and forth on messenger.

SEO Campaign

On Page Optimisation

On page optimisation is where we optimise what's on your website to match and answer our target keywords for your product or service. We optimise a a number of things such as;

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Inner Linking
  • Schema - Mark-up
  • Url Structure and more
Content Creation

From our keyword research we will have found the content gaps that are required to improve your search rank positions. We either work you and your team to produce the content or use our own team of writers.

Link Building

Link building is an on going process and one of the most important parts of SEO. All our link building methords are completly white hat which means they are natural and have a powerful impact on performance. We also build relevant citations which help if you are a local based company.

Step 3 Reporting

Lastly we send you monthly reports that highlight all of the key metrics of a campaign such as;

  • How many leads were generated
  • How many calls were generated
  • Increase in overall traffic
  • Increase in rankings for keywords MoM.

"How Can I Be Sure This Will Work For My Particular Business?"

Great question.

The main question you have too think about is where are your clients spending their time?

Chances are they are using Facebook and are using Google to find your product or service.

I find that in some cases Facebook ads may not work for a certain industries, particularly those under strict regulation, however every business will benefit from being found on Google.

"How Much Does This All Cost?"

The pricing for my service obviously vary's on your need's but to give you a rough idea our lowest package is £400pm all the way up to £3,000pm

If working with me sounds like something you are serious about investing and implementing in your business then hit apply to see if you are the right fit.

You must also bare in mind I am selective on the business's I work with & I can only take on a few new clients as I am a one man band

Take Care,


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