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Breaking Media offers practical and impactful social media marketing training Edinburgh services that will help you grow your online presence, relate with relevant audiences, and build your brand. 

We have devised digital and social media training sessions that deliver real-world results based on experience, not theory. We have trained several companies and small businesses in Edinburgh and the UK at large on a wide range of digital and social media topics.

As a top social media consultant firm in the UK, our training imparts the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate these fast-moving advertising and connection platforms to grow clients’ brands and online presence.

Facebook Campaigns

Social Media Best Practices

Social Media may seem like an easy process to learn, but there are specific skills and best practices that you must master to use social media effectively. These include, among others:  

·Choosing the correct platform

·Establishing brand voice and tone

·Goal setting

·Social media auditing

·Competition monitoring

·Community management


We will teach you to master these skills and apply them to yours or your client's business online.

How To grow your social media following

Social media has dramatically changed the way we interact in the world today. Businesses have had no choice but to embrace these online channels and interact with their customers and other companies on them. 

In the UK today, 44 million people are active social media users. Engaging with these users personally and encouraging conversation around your brand can add massive value to your business while building trust in existing and potential customers.

Breaking Media’s social media trainer courses teach you how to grow your following on:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

·- YouTube

- Pinterest

- Snapchat

You will learn how to use high-quality images and video content to capture the interest of your audience, generating lasting relationships.

social media strategy

We teach a two-pronged social media strategy to ensure results.

·Social Media Management: You will learn how to implement a full social media strategy with goals and targets. Learn how to use content, lead generation, audience targeting, custom audience creation, and retargeting to increase sales and convert potential customers.

·Social Media Influencing: people generally view social media as a place to connect. To convert potential customers, it is therefore wise to communicate with them first and sell to them second. You will learn how to use social media influencers and influencer marketing to: 

·Subscribe people to client mailing lists

·Generate brand awareness

·Drive traffic to clients’ websites

·Motivate authentic buying intentions

Social Selling

Paid social media is a cost-effective and powerful way to reach new audiences that may be interested in your product or service.

Breaking Media’s social media marketing training Edinburgh courses help you understand how to use promoted or sponsored posts to convert targeted audiences. These sponsored posts send targeted traffic to your profile page or website and increase the visibility and awareness of your brand, products, or services.

Measuring Roi

There’s no point in running a social media campaign without measuring and evaluating the results. At Breaking Media, we will teach you how to generate detailed reports for clients that spell out what you’re doing.

We live for success, and want you to do the same. Our social media trainer courses will teach you how to measure:

·Organic engagement and follower growth

·Lead generation

·Lead conversion

·Website traffic

You’ll also learn how to generate custom monthly PDF reports that allow you to visualise business growth month after month, and help you adjust strategy if the current path is not working.

Get in touch with us today to embrace the power of learning social media skills. Breaking Media courses can help you develop practical social media skills that will grow your online presence and sales.Contact us today for a full consultation.

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