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At Breaking Media, we are proud to be the best Facebook advertising agency Edinburgh has to offer. Our specialists have helped numerous customers achieve the best results on both Facebook and Instagram by using content that resonates with target audiences.

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Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful ways to grow a business. Over 1.6 billion people use the platform daily, which presents ideal opportunities to get your message across to the broadest range of users in the shortest time possible. Advertising on Facebook is also incredibly cost-effective; for every 1000 people, you can expect to spend less than £10.

Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads first launched in 2015. These ad types allow businesses to obtain potential customers’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses directly from the platform. 

Custom questions qualify the leads, which makes it easier for direct marketers to engage these customers. At Breaking Media, we can help you create custom lead generation campaigns designed to reach and resonate with your target audience across any device, including mobile.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting uses data to reach your desired audience on Facebook. We can help you reach your ideal audience without the need for spending a lot of money by utilising a combination of Lookalike and Custom Audience strategies.

A Custom Audience is anyone who has previously engaged with your business on the platform by either:

·Commenting on your Facebook post

·Purchasing a product or service

·Visiting your website

·Clicking on a "Book Now" or "Call Now" action button

These audiences are “warm” and signal a readiness to buy from you. Breaking Media Facebook specialists cement this interest by targeting them with similar products and services, your latest offers, or remarketing to them if they visited your website within the last 180 days.

We also create Lookalike Audiences and, using scalable campaigns, instruct Facebook to present your products and services to people who are likely interested.


Facebook Retargeting is practical and accessible because it can deliver instantaneous results. Retargeting resonates with potential customers who had already visited your website or engaged with your campaign; more than 70% are likely to purchase.

We will help you install the Facebook Pixel on your app or website, and use this feature to promote your business by:

·Tracking Website Activity: Once a customer signs up to your mailing list or adds a product or service to a cart, we then track this activity and use this information in Facebook ad campaigns to increase sales and sign-ups.

·Audience Targeting: We will find more people who may be interested in buying your product or service so you can quickly grow your business.

·Customer Retargeting: We help you to target anyone who has visited your website within the last 180 days to re-engage or remind people of a product or service they looked at but did not purchase.

Ads Management

At Breaking Media, we are experts at creating Dynamic Product Ads that drive revenue and increase the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for all types of businesses. These campaigns help companies to personalise their adverts and are useful in reminding people of items or services they haven’t yet purchased.

 We will help you manage your campaign by offering:

·Facebook Ad Copy: We’ll write copy that sells and resonates with potential customers.

·High-Quality Imagery and Video: We only use imagery and video that impresses and converts customers.

·Pixel Installation: We make sure your pixel is installed and tracking events correctly.

·Campaign Setup: We work on end-to-end campaign management solutions.

·A/B Testing: We ensure that your campaigns hit right the first time by testing all content.

·Budget: We’ll help manage your spending to deliver maximum ROAS.

·CRM Integration: Connect your CRM to Facebook to make sure that you capture and manage every potential lead.

·Reporting: We report on critical insights through analysing and tracking your Facebook ad accounts.

If you’re looking for an effective Facebook Advertising Agency Edinburgh-based that will help you generate results,contact us today or come in for an in-person. We’ll work with you to realise the full potential that Facebook advertising has to grow your business online. 

We also run other types of paid social campaigns from Instagram, Linkedin & Pintrest.

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