The world has changed since the coronavirus has spread across the globe. As a result, the ways you grow, share, and promote your business or brand online must also adjust.

This guide to social media marketing during COVID-19 will keep your brand will relevant so your business thrives during these unprecedented times.

Understand Your Local Audience

While COVID-19 has affected everyone, different locations and populations have unique experiences with the virus. Some demographics have had their work put on pause.

Some of these people have picked up new hobbies and caught up on home improvement projects. Others, like nurses, grocery store employees, and other essential workers, expose themselves to health risks daily to feed their families and afford rent.

When you’re marketing, know which of these people fall into your specific audience. People in rural areas don’t resonate with the experience of city life. Older adults are scared for their lives and not looking to invest in quarantine fashion trends. Knowing who you are talking to will help you create effective messages that resonate.

Keep Up with Current Events

As the pandemic evolves, so does the acceptable and effective messaging when it comes to social media marketing during COVID-19. Phrases or posts that might have been edgy and fun a few weeks ago may now come across as offensive or insensitive. A launch you planned months ago may appear tone-deaf.

If you have a new product that you want to celebrate, consider reframing your campaign to describe its benefits during the lockdown. Find a way to provide discounts for essential workers.

You must adapt your messaging to what’s appropriate in this moment. One mishap or scheduled post you forgot to pause can affect the way your clients view you during the pandemic.

Become a Helper

Do not use your business and social media marketing during COVID-19 to capitalize on the situation. The pandemic is not an opportunity for you to take advantage of the suffering of others. Consumers will see what you’re doing and avoid doing business with you both now and in the future.

Instead, find ways to give value to your audience, community, and the world. Consider using your Facebook page as a resource for information or support. Maybe your Instagram stories can provide lighthearted humour to brighten someone’s day. The pandemic is your opportunity to think outside the box and demonstrate your creativity.


Now is not the time to beat around the bush with your messaging. Let your customers know what to expect, how long it might take, and how your business is handling the pandemic. Present your information clearly and frequently.

Consumers want to know how you’re keeping your employees safe and the extra hygiene measures you’re taking to protect orders leaving your facility. People need frequent reminders that shipping might take longer. The more empowered your customers feel by knowing what your process, the more comfortable they will feel supporting your business during COVID-19.

With all the information online, send a confident message that your customers can’t ignore.

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