To say that this year’s events are unprecedented and have come with new realities is an understatement. As the world changes, so must the ways brands connect with customers and sell their products.

To stay relevant, consider adopting some of these elements of successful social media marketing trends for 20200.

The Development of Small, Tight Communities

With growing media fatigue, distrust of influencers, and a renewed interest in privacy, social media users are shifting their focus to smaller, tight-knit communities. They feel safer in sharing their opinions and feel seen by both the brand and others in the digital world.

As a result, Facebook groups are still key to successful social media marketing this year. Your customers and fans can engage with each other and you in a more intimate space.

Similarly, as influencer culture falls under greater scrutiny, nano-influencers are popping up on the scene. These individuals often have smaller followings and are not focused on getting millions of likes. Instead, their posts are more vulnerable and less curated. Often, nano-influencers connect with people in their area or interest group.

A Focus on Long-Term Engagement

The shift to long-term engagement has been coming for many years, but it may move even faster in 2020. Companies need loyal fans who consistently interact with their content and reliably purchase their products or services. These customers also tend to act as nano-influencers when they feel like they matter to their favourite brands.

We have learned that there’s not as much value in viral posts as many people initially thought. Yes, it puts your content in front of millions of potential customers. However, they’re not always your ideal clients. Investing in creating content for a smaller, more engaged audience sees a larger benefit over time.

Stories Reign Supreme

Instagram stories have dominated the social media world for the past few years. Now, Facebook stories are catching up as well. An emphasis on stories remains one of the key social media marketing trends for 2020.

For better results, make your stories interactive. Polls, quizzes, and question boxes help people feel included in the content they consume. With these steps, you’ll keep people engaged and excited to be part of your tribe.

Instagram now allows business pages to see who posts stories about their brand. This feature creates more opportunities to collaborate with customers and make your content relevant.

Video Continues to Dominate

As in 2019, videos continue to top the most consumed social media marketing trends for 2020. YouTube is catching up with Facebook for the number of daily users on the platform. TikTok is quickly growing, and even Snapchat continues to thrive.

Video content draws people in and helps them get a feel for the brand. Since the rise in influencer culture, people have become more sceptical of the perfectly lit, edited shot. Instead, they want real, raw videos to give them the full picture of a company, person, or product. The most successful social media marketing campaigns this year will include at least some video components.