Why Use Facebook Ads?

As a business owner, you probably already have a social media presence. If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram page, consider starting one ASAP. These platforms allow you to grow your brand recognition and connect with your potential clients. They also provide the foundation for increasing brand awareness through your Shopify Facebook ads.

People who use Facebook engage frequently with the information on the platform. With over two million monthly users, you’ll find the perfect audience for your Shopify store.

Facebook ads don’t only reach high traffic markets with ready buyers on the internet. Facebook also knows a lot about its users. People share their favourite music, hometowns, the places they visit, and the stores where they shop. The website collects this data so messages and ads from business owners like yours reach the right people.

You can target your Shopify Facebook ads to the likes and needs of potential buyers. Instead of waiting for them to find you through a search, you proactively place your products in front of them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting alumni from a certain school, fans of a specific sports team, or mothers with young children. You can match your products with their unique interest profiles before they even know they need what you sell.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel connects your Facebook ads account with your Shopify store. This tracking code lets you know how many users visited your website by clicking on your Facebook ad and what they did while they were there.

You’ll see if they purchased your products, browsed and started adding items to the cart, or left your website immediately. This information is crucial to understanding the relevance and success of your ads.

Testing Audiences

Even a perfectly written Shopify Facebook ad will fail if it doesn’t reach the right audience. Facebook allows you to test your marketing on different subsets of their user group. Through this feature, you can see what wording, images, and tone resonates most with each subgroup of your ideal Shopify store buyers.

Optimising your Facebook campaigns

Buyers rarely see your Shopify Facebook ads and purchase your products right away. These people need time to recognise your brand and decide if it’s something they need.

Using a sales funnel helps you keep potential customers interested so they’ll circle back to your brand during the interest and buying process. Create ads that meet clients where they stand in your funnel. Keep circling back to them as they move through your stages, and end with a Shopify sale.