So you want to work in Social media but are wondering where to start or how you can get a job with little to no experience?

Have no fear, this post shows you exactly how I did it & what you should do to land that dream job in 2020.

1) Understand What Area Of Social Media You Want To Work In

Step one is you want to figure out the type of role you want to work in social media. I know that might sound quite challenging if you’re completely new but the roles in the industry are diverse & knowing what you want will help you when applying & at the interview stage.

Here are some example roles you can get involved in with social media;

  • Ads manager – This is where you’re creating Facebook & Instagram ads, you’re monitoring the traffic, the conversions & sales, you’re looking into the analytics and the overall performance of social campaigns.
  • Content Manager – This role includes updating a businesses social media channels with videos, images and you’re creating captions in the tone of voice of the brand.
  • Engagement Manager – This role focuses on creating, managing & growing the social media following. This includes increasing engagement, replying to comments and questions.

One personal thing to note is to not necessarily be put off by the sound of ads and analytics if you feel like you’re a creative person. This was the case for me but I am able to still be creative & I have become more analytical because of going into this role.

2) Get Certified Online

Step two is you want to now get some qualifications or examples of your work.

There’s a number of online certifications that you can take for free. Some may have a small cost but will be worth it in the long run.

Recomenned courses would be;

Facebook Blueprint

Google Digital Garage

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Academy

When you have a couple of these on your CV it’s going to really help you stand out.

When I started out, I invested quite heavily into a digital certification just because there weren’t of the above at the time. I really wanted to have something to give me some credibility.

I choose the Google Squared course which always came up in conversation when it came to the job interview, and it really helped stand me out.

3) Offer Your Skills in Exchange For Experience

Now, this is always the challenging part, especially if you’re just out of Uni, college, or high school.

The first thing you want to do is you want to build up experience because you’re going to be competing with people who have all different types of backgrounds & experience.

What you can do if you have absolutely no experience is reach out to business people that you know, or create a Facebook post saying,

“I’m looking for someone who has a business & needs help with their social media. I want to help you get more followers & sales for free.” Then write why.

You should get a number of replies & people tagging people they know. A business owner would be delighted about this offer since their so busy doing what it is they do. They might even pay you if you do a good job for them.

Also If you have friends who are in special hobbies and they’re quite good at what they do, you can help them to grow their social media following and use that as a case study.

There are so many different ways of getting experience, but if you’re just getting started, I would focus on helping businesses because that’s the one that’s going to stand you out most in your CV.

These are the steps that I took to help me land fantastic roles working for some of the largest digital agencies in the UK.

I interned at a lot of local businesses here in Edinburgh, doing a week here and a week there and helping out people in my family as well. I then invested in the expensive course which helped separate me from the rest.

Good luck!